Here at Authentic8, we’ve been collaborating with LifeRaft, a Canadian corporate intelligence vendor, for a few months, and the fruits of that collaboration were announced publicly this week. Our complementary technologies — Authentic8’s Silo Web Isolation Platform and LifeRaft’s Navigator — when used together, truly solve a tangible problem for analysts dealing with security intelligence.

Read the full press release here.

Solving Intelligence Overload with Better, Safer Investigations

Collecting open-source and timely threat intelligence that relates to your organization can be incredibly difficult. There is too much information for any person to collect. Fortunately, security intelligence platforms like LifeRaft’s Navigator do a fantastic job of collecting, correlating and providing timely and relevant intelligence to you in real-time, across the open deep and dark web.

Quickly and safely accessing the raw information provided by these platforms can sometimes be a challenge. That information can be critical to an analyst’s job, but the fast pace at which the intelligence picture can shift means that sometimes you need to go back to the source to see what might have changed, or navigate further to get additional insight. But how can you access this information without risking the security of the organization you’re trying to protect? How do you ensure that you’re not tipping your hand to an adversary? What if the information is located in a dangerous corner of the web? What if accessing the content infects your computer, allowing an adversary to establish a foothold?

Silo-Navigator Integration

Solving those issues is at the crux of our partnership. Anytime an analyst needs to view a live link in LifeRaft’s Navigator platform, that link is seamlessly rendered via our Silo Web Isolation Platform in a new tab within the analyst’s browser. Analysts can pivot from there, or they can use Silo for Research for a full investigation when warranted. Most of the time, you get that quick picture you’re looking for without having to take steps like starting up a virtual machine connected to a dirty line, etc.

We hope to deliver more capabilities jointly over time, and our team is working on a lot of exciting things to make integrations with the Silo Web Isolation Platform easier. Stay tuned for more on that over the coming months.

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