Scott's Take: Ben liked the concept of a disposable browser, but thought it might be “heavy handed”. He says there’s value to persistence of the browser state, and he’s right.  Silo does store “good state” but throws everything else away. As to his question of whether we’ll get traction? We’ll see. Read the full article at Forbes.

Authentic8 is today debuting a new product aimed at ensuring safe browsing for consumers. The company has created a “disposable browser”. Called Silo, the product is designed to allow users to access individual web sites through a cloud-based browser. To use the product, customers connect to Silo over an encrypted connection. When they connect a discrete browser is created in a secure sandbox, thus creating an insulating layer around sensitive data. Upon closing the browser, all web data is destroyed thereby negating any malicious code or tracking cookies. Being web-based, Silo is accessible from any device.

Authentic8 the company was created by Scott Petry, the founder of Postini which was itself an email management vendor acquired by Google in 2007 for $625M. He founded Authentic8 in 2011 and last year began selling a disposable browser for business – this announcement then is the comparable product but for consumers. Silo for individuals is priced at $10 per month.

Alongside the secure browsing stuff, Silo also features:

  • Integrated management and secure submission of login credentials.  No more re-using the same password across websites
  • Control over two-factor authentication for accessing Silo.  Users can decide how rigorously they wish to protect access to their accounts, and what devices can be trusted
  • Expanded anonymity capabilities for cookie handling, masking users’ IP addresses and browsing habits

Read the full article at Forbes.