In the third episode of OSINT Insiders, our team members took a look at a range of tools and shared their thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Their deep dive included hands-on reviews and (strong) opinions. Some of the apps presented are easy to use but of limited utility, others are hard to use but tremendously valuable. Watch this episode to find out which is which:

Did you miss last week’s episode on OSINT and intelligence sharing? Catch up and watch the recording here.

OSINT Insiders is a rapid-fire, short, live discussion of topics related to Open Source Intelligence. Depending on the week, we’ll be chatting about OSINT findings, tools of the trade, or interviewing top leaders in OSINT space.

The webcast is hosted by our Special Services Team - each with a unique intelligence background the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, law enforcement, and the defense tech space.

Viewers of this webcast will gain valuable insight into the OSINT world that will help them with their daily missions.