Introducing OSINT Insiders, Authentic8’s new webcast series on all things OSINT.


Authentic8 is proud to announce our new webcast, OSINT Insiders. This regular webcast is a rapid-fire 20 minute discussion of topics related to Open Source Intelligence - ranging from findings to tools to interviews with top leaders in the field.

The webcast is hosted by our Special Services Team - each with a unique intelligence background at the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, law enforcement, or the defense tech space.

Viewers of this webcast will gain valuable insight into the OSINT world that will help them with their daily missions. Each episode will have a different topic for discussion.

In Episode 1, our team covers COVID-19:

  • The value of OSINT to the DoD/IC during the crisis
  • Threat actors using the crisis as a hook and lure for cyber attacks on citizens and organizations
  • Russian search terms to use when conducting disease-related searches
  • Chinese social media identifying major burial urn shipments, indicating higher death count

Watch the recording here:

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Episode 1 Quick Notes

COVID-19 and Russia:

Search terms:

  • Corona (Корона)
  • Corona/COVID (English)
  • Epidemic (эпидемия)
  • Flu (грипп)
  • Hospital (Госпиталь)
  • Infected (заражен)
  • Pandemic (пандемия)
  • Pneumonia (пневмония)
  • Quarantine (карантин)
  • Wuhan (Ухане)
  • #covid19russia (Twitter)

COVID-19 and the Dark Web:

Chinese Media, Caixin:

For more information or to suggest guest and topics for future episodes, please contact