We're a company with a lot of passion for what we do, and that's making the Internet simply safe. We started by throwing out all the traditional assumptions and approached online security from first principles. What we ended up with was a big hairy audacious idea: a service that encapsulates the user in a secure bubble when they go online.

But great ideas go nowhere fast without the backing of experienced and trusted investors, and to this end we're delighted to partner with Foundry Group and Merus Capital on our journey at Authentic8. We've known both teams for many years and have been connected by a number of common threads including Microsoft, Postini and Google.

So our sincerest gratitude to the Foundry team (Ryan, Brad, Jason, Seth) and the Merus team (Salman, Peter, Sean). We look forward to building something really great together.

Read more about the Authentic8 investment on the Foundry Blog and the Merus Blog.