Beyond the open, accessible internet lies the hidden world of the Dark Web. Because the Dark Web sites are not indexed or searchable by common search engines, they can only be accessed using special gateways, such as anonymity browsers.

For OSINT investigators, the Dark Web offers a wealth of information to help advance research. Still, it must be tread carefully to avoid exposing the researchers’ identity, compromising their mission, or inadvertently downloading malware onto corporate networks.

To educate analysts to navigate the Dark Web's murky world safely and anonymously, Authentic8 is offering a free introductory training course Dark Web Exploring - Collection & Investigation.

This 18-minute video tutorial is available to watch on-demand, and is part of our OSINT Academy online curriculum. This course is designed to give you a preview of what you can learn by subscribing to the Academy's training courses and discussion forums.

Dark Web Exploring - Collection & Investigation explains how you can use the Dark Web to enhance your investigations:

  • What are Dark Web services and how to use them
  • How to log into the Dark Web
  • How to search the Dark Web

Whether you are a regular visitor to the Dark Web, or just beginning to consider using it as a resource for your investigation, we hope you will find this intro video course helpful and insightful.

We also encourage you to explore the OSINT Academy curriculum as a resource to help advance your skills and learn helpful techniques from the leading experts in the OSINT field.

Watch the Dark Web Exploring - collection & Investigation training course now.