Northshore Dental Associates serves the Muskegon and West Michigan communities with comprehensive dental services. Northshore Dental believes there is a strong connection between oral and general health, and that good dental health is the foundation of a healthy well-being. Northshore Dental’s staff focuses on general and cosmetic dentistry and is committed to partnering with patients in delivering professional care in a comfortable environment.

"We feel more secure about sensitive client data and HIPAA regulated data in the browser."

What problem were you trying to solve?

Like any healthcare service provider, Northshore Dental deals with a variety of sensitive patient information. Personal information, such as Social Security data or client benefits data, is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Our business staff is interacting with critical data across a variety of websites. It is common for our partners, insurance services, and health care providers to deliver information using a web-based portal. Given that a breach of this data could damage our reputation in the community, we wanted to be sure that our staff was accessing this data from a secure and controlled browser. The news is full of stories showing the susceptibility of sensitive data, and we didn’t want to fall victim. Our staff is in contact with insurance companies, providers, lab partners and more, and we wanted to be protected.

What was deployment like?

Deploying Silo was really pretty simple. We downloaded the app from the website and tried it. We then followed up with a call to one of the activation specialists and had some questions answered. He helped configure our profile with the accounts we use every day for work. Then, Authentic8 trained one of our business staff, and she trained the rest of the team. There were a few hiccups, like one issue with printing which was fixed within 24 hours. We were also seeing the sessions time out too quickly, so we adjusted the time out value, and very quickly our staff was able to keep a Silo session running for the entire day.

What is life like after Silo?

After the setup, it is business as normal with Northshore Dental Associates. Silo is set up with all the browser apps that our business needs, and the staff use Silo all the time. As Silo stores our data, it is convenient to not have to log in to the various sites each time. We feel more secure about sensitive client data and HIPAA regulated data in the browser. We are very pleased with the way we were able to get Silo rolled out to the staff.

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