Employee Benefits Specialists, Inc. (EBS) is a national company that provides a comprehensive menu of benefits to organizations ranging from small businesses to national corporations and municipalities. EBS services include online enrollment and eligibility management, flex spending accounts, COBRA and retiree administration, voluntary insurance and invoice reconciliation and eligibility tracking. With so many services and programs to administer, ensuring the confidentiality of client data is both challenging and absolutely essential, because EBS is an active participant in their clients’ health care programs.


We are in the browser dealing with HIPAA data across 40 different websites. With single sign-on and data compliance controls, Silo kills two birds with one stone!


What problem were you trying to solve?

Initially, we purchased Silo to ensure that our international and regular banking transactions took place in a secure browser environment. Very quickly, however, we realized that Silo could address a major challenge for our Reconciliation Team. The Reconciliation team creates invoices for clients to send to their carriers -- master bills for medical and dental practices as well as employee assistance programs. Because we are dealing with medical records, HIPAA compliance and confidentiality is of paramount importance. Serving 50 unique clients with 6 different carriers requires team members to log in to many different sites with different credentials for each. And when an employee left, deactivation of all the various credentials could be challenging.

What was deployment like?

Setup was incredibly easy and we were up to speed in about an hour. We created our own apps and added them to Silo. We entered credentials in to Silo for all our shared accounts. This actually made it easier for our team, since they only need to log in to one site instead of more than 40 different sites. We’re looking forward to implementing Silo with our accounting and data teams!

What is life like after Silo?

So much easier! Everything that requires a password -- every user account with every client -- is in Silo. And when someone leaves EBS, we can remove their access with a single click. It’s easy, productive and secure. Initially, we thought Silo would be used just for finance and banking. But with the single sign on and data controls, we realized it is the perfect solution to HIPAA data in the browser. Now, everything can go into Silo!