Authentic8 Blog Author: Richard Steinhart

Richard is Head of Sales at Authentic8.

Financial Services: How Remote Browser Isolation Gives Anti-Fraud/AML Teams a Leg Up On the Web

By Richard Steinhart

Research shows that financial services firms encounter 300 times more [PDF] cybersecurity incidents - most of them browser-related - than companies in other industries.

Web-borne threats pose a particular challenge for due diligence researchers, fraud analysts and anti-money laundering (AML) specialists, whose web activities frequently put them at high risk. How can financial firms protect their teams better online?

Due to a steadily increasing caseload and a rapidly changing threatscape, approaches like setting up a “dirty box” somewhere in a corner or relying on a slow and hard to maintain Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) have reached their limits. This is why more banks are now outsourcing the risk - with compliance-ready remote browser isolation.


Financial services organizations face escalating and evolving risk due to cyber attacks, online fraud and money laundering schemes. This has led to increased scrutiny and pressure from regulators.

At the same time, cybersecurity teams in the financial sector are stretched thin as a result of