G2 released its Summer 2020 reports, and — based on verified Authentic8 customer reviews — Silo is now considered a High Performer in the Threat Intelligence and Secure Web Gateways categories.


G2 is a peer-to-peer review website where people can discover and read reviews from verified customers about SaaS applications. Reviews about Silo show how and why organizations are deploying Silo for Safe Access (Cloud Browser) and Silo for Research (Toolbox).

Because of the sensitivity and security around cyber threat intelligence, we don't reveal our customers or details about using Silo. G2 only accepts reviews from verified customers. They take the time to leave verified reviews, and what they say, underlines the value that Silo brings to their business.

According to G2, products in the High Performer quadrant in the Grid® Report have high customer satisfaction scores, compared to the rest of the category, making the underlying customer reviews extra meaningful to us.

What Customers Say About Silo

Silo ranked among the top Threat Intelligence software on G2 during the 2020 Spring Report for the first time, and it only took three more months to be included as a "High Performer."

Here's what our customers are saying about using Silo:

  • "We were afraid to navigate and be victims of information theft, but with Silo, we feel more secure to carry out investigations and know everything is very safe." - Mid-market User
  • "Silo is a great solution to hide the data of your connection to the web and offers great advantages to go through filters of your organization's ISP. The truth is a complete, secure browsing service" - Enterprise (1001-5000 employees) Executive
  • "I use Silo to isolate and audit the browser, and I'm able to encrypt and audit logs of all my admin activities. My compliance and oversight costs were reduced." - Founder of a consulting company
  • "If you are looking for a tool with great pricing, good [...] security-based features that will secure your company against nation-state actors, any Malware, Blackhats and other threats that would harm you and your company, then Authentic8 Silo is software that you should definitely give it a try, not only for the great features that have available but also for its high performance while doing operations that need a high level of privacy and data protection." - Senior Electronic Engineer

You can read more reviews and quotes from our customers here.

Not using Silo yet, but intrigued by the reviews from your peers? If you'd like to see how Silo can help your threat intelligence efforts, request a demo