Scott's Take: 451 Research is the first of the market research firms to acknowledge that a cloud-based browser is a disruptive concept.  We think Garrett nailed it with this writeup.  And we agree that this is a space to watch. Read the full article for free here.

As Web and cloud-based applications become more pervasive, the poor old Web browser is tasked with shouldering burdens it was never intended to bear. With browsers increasingly functioning as the primary interface to a wide spectrum of applications, they are exposed to an equally broad threat landscape – phishing attempts, man-in-the-middle attacks, client-side exploits, network-level snooping, DNS hacks and waterhole attacks, to name a few. While there are various methods of dealing with many of these threats, Authentic8 has come to market with a unique combination of sandbox-based secure browsing and single sign-on (SSO) that attempts to address many browser-related threats within a single offering.

The 451 Take

As is often the case with the emergence and evolution of new security subcategories, once a problem surfaces that exceeds the capabilities of existing technologies, new entrants flock to the opportunity like moths to a flame. Over time, if the new category becomes a viable market, a leader eventually emerges from the pack, while the remaining handful of vendors with 'me too' technologies fight for leftovers. Following a similar script, a growing list of upstart vendors is looking to cash in on the growing realization that the browser has become the weakest link and primary threat vector for many organizations. Authentic8 thinks it has the answer, and is betting that its combination of a server-based browser, proprietary display protocol, SSO portal and granular policy enforcement will resonate with security-conscious organizations and help it move to the head of the class.

Read the full article for free here.