MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 12, 2015) - Authentic8, maker of Silo, the cloud-based secure browser for businesses, has integrated flexible content controls into Silo so organizations can enforce acceptable use policies to govern users' online activities.

Organizations Can Now Enforce Flexible Web Access Policies to Govern Where Users Browse

"Insulation through virtualization is at the core of Silo," said Scott Petry, co-founder and CEO of Authentic8. "But we also deliver identity management and data policy controls as a way to give businesses total control over sensitive web-based apps."

"Our customers have been expanding their use of Silo, deploying it as a general purpose browser, allowing users to access the web without exposing company resources. But this can put greater pressure on IT to ensure that users abide by company policies on acceptable content. That's why we are extending our existing policy platform to filter content based on web content categories and URLs."

Administrators can configure Silo to either be an open browser for personal use or a locked-down browser for accessing defined company apps. With the addition of content controls, administrators can now fine-tune those configurations by blocking or allowing specific sites or categories of sites as business needs dictate. For example, a hospital might allow one of its accountants, who is blocked from social media websites, to visit insurance payer portals to access benefits information.

Combined with Silo's existing policies around actions like download, printing, and device access rights, organizations get unprecedented flexibility and control in deploying a browser to meet the needs of their business, even across users with different requirements.

Additional features include:

  • Ten (10) category definitions to simplify policy creation
  • Classifications that include over 400 million domains and 10 billion URLs
  • Flexibility to both whitelist and blacklist categories as well as specific websites
  • Configurable at the company root-level or different sub organizations
  • Logging and reporting to track commonly accessed sites across organizations

About Authentic8

Founded in 2010 by principals from Postini, Authentic8 is redefining how the browser is used to access sensitive web data. Silo, our flagship product, is a cloud-based secure browser. Silo secures access to sensitive sites, creating an insulation layer between the computer and the web service. Silo helps manage login credentials, access controls and data use policies. Silo is built fresh at session start, and destroyed at session end, ensuring that users remain secure, compliant, and anonymous online. Try Silo risk free at