MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 7, 2016) - Authentic8, creator of Silo, the cloud-based secure and policy-controlled browser, is expanding its investment in delivering solutions to the federal market. This investment comes on the heels of significant growth in the segment in 2015.

Growing Customer Base, OPM Victim Coverage, Hires Head of Federal Operations

"Government employees, perhaps more than employees of commercial enterprises, need a completely secure and controlled method of accessing web-based content," said Scott Petry, CEO and co-founder of Authentic8. "Whether the user is sitting in a cubicle in a DC office or deployed to a hostile region, the risk of a data breach in their environment could have profound impact on important programs."

The company has delivered its Silo and Toolbox products to various federal customers as a way to lock down and secure users' access to the web, and as a method for forensic researchers to interact with potentially malicious or inappropriate content without exposing networks or devices. With aggressive adoption of cloud-based services, Silo presents a leapfrog opportunity for Government IT to embrace the web without jeopardizing security or risking the loss of sensitive data. Authentic8's secure, virtual browser solution integrates identity and access management controls and data policy capabilities to configure the browser specific to the user's mission.

In addition to organizational growth, individual victims of the OPM SF-86 data breach are rapidly adopting Silo as a way to protect themselves. The company provides free use of Silo to victims of this data breach to ensure that our government employees can focus on their job rather than their online exposure.

"The reward these people got -- the ones doing such important work that they needed top-secret clearance -- was to run sub-standard protection routines to secure their data," continued Petry. "Now that their data is out there, we'd like to minimize the potential impact to them, so we offer these users a way to be safe online with their most important financial and health-related accounts. They've given enough and we'd like to give something back."

Tying these threads together and expanding the overall Federal operation, Authentic8 has hired Glen Sharlun as Head of Federal Operations. Mr. Sharlun has more than 25 years of dedicated focus on cyber security operations, situational awareness, and insider threats from both the operations and development viewpoint, and over 25 years of full-spectrum security experience.

Glen is an Annapolis graduate and spent more than fifteen years in the U.S. Marine Corps. His military career culminated in his role as Commanding Officer, Network Defense, or "CISO" of the Marines. After the Marines, Glen had a variety of roles in security-focused startups, most notably at ArcSight. In addition to Federal Sales at ArcSight, Glen owned Customer Success, Strategic Solutions, and led a variety of market-specific development initiatives. Glen also founded and directed a self-funded, advanced cyber research laboratory in Monterey, CA. He is a certified SANS instructor and an invited speaker at the Pentagon Security Forum.

"I am excited to join Authentic8 and work closely with the same team that built Postini, which was a pioneer in large-scale service based email security. Now we turn our attention to securing the browser," said Mr. Sharlun. "This is an area that I have intimate experience with, and one that I think can have a profound impact on how government works. The inherent security of Silo, combined with its access management and policy controls, delivers a unique cyber security solution to any agency whose users connect to the Internet."