Silo Browser Ready for Multilingual Deployment in Diverse Enterprise Environments

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Feb 29, 2016) - Authentic8, maker of Silo, the cloud-based secure browser for business, has introduced a series of enhanced language capabilities for Silo, its flagship product, and for Toolbox, the company's Silo-based cyber threat research and analysis solution.

The expanded functionality answers the growing demand from organizations that operate globally, including financial institutions, law firms, health care providers and government organizations.

When deploying Silo in order to protect users from Internet-based attacks, they need to support local language requirements, including content rendering in the browser as well as hardware and virtual keyboard input.

In addition to English (US), Silo and Toolbox now accommodate French, German, English (UK), Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese (Brazil) hardware keyboards. The service also allows for in-session language switching and includes on-screen multi-language virtual keypads. Asian language character input via Microsoft Input Method Editors (IME) has been added as well.

"We are thrilled about the rapid large-scale adoption of Silo in diverse enterprise environments around the globe," said Ramesh Rajagopal, co-founder and Head of Product at Authentic8. "Multi-language capabilities ranked very high on the wish list of our enterprise customers. We have listened closely and are grateful for how they drive the worldwide adoption of Silo."

Illustration: Extended language capabilities for secure enterprise browser Silo (Authentic8 Blog)

The newly added multi-language capabilities, Authentic8 points out, will speed up that process even further. It also allows the company's globally distributed enterprise customers to completely shield their employees from web threats, even those working in especially vulnerable regions, by deploying the Silo browser across the board.

Employees and office workers at some of the nation's largest financial institutions, law firms, healthcare providers and retail chains, as well as government employees, use Silo as a "disposable" enterprise browser that launches in the cloud, outside the corporate network.

Authentic8's secure virtual browser allows them to securely access the web without exposing their devices or their network to web-borne exploits. It also self-destructs at the end of each session, without leaving any trace on the user's computer or mobile platform.

Unlike traditional browsers -- including those that are labeled "secure" by their makers -- Silo perfectly insulates the user's computer or mobile device from potentially harmful program code when accessing Internet sites, scanning through webmail, or downloading documents.

The browser safely renders web content in a secure container in the cloud and converts the web code into a visual representation that is displayed on the user's device. This insulation and isolation provides a full fidelity web experience for the user, but shifts the attack surface area from the user's device or network, to a secure cloud environment.


About Authentic8

 Founded in 2010 by principals from Postini, Authentic8 is redefining how the browser is used to access web data. Its flagship product, Silo, is a cloud-based secure browser. Silo creates a perfect insulation layer between the user and the web, keeping all web code isolated in a contained environment but delivering an encrypted display of the browser session. Silo also helps manage login credentials, access controls and data use policies. The Silo browser is built fresh at session start, and destroyed at session end, ensuring that users remain secure, compliant, and anonymous online. Try Silo risk free at