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Company expands admin delegation options to support specific system administrator roles

(MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA-- Mar. 22, 2016) - Authentic8, maker of Silo, the cloud-based secure browser for business, has introduced a broad range of enhancements that empower IT administrators to selectively delegate configuration capabilities.

Traditional (“legacy”) browsers are inherently unsafe for use in enterprise settings, security experts insist. Common browsers force a one-size-fits-all web access solution on companies and have become the preferred gateway for cyber criminals to enter corporate networks.

With the latest release of Silo, Authentic8 provides a secure alternative to legacy browsers for even the largest organizations. The secure browser now enables enterprises to set fine-grained definitions of administrative roles, allowing them to assign what functions admins are able to perform across their organization.

Financial service providers, global law firms, and large healthcare groups are using Silo to shield their networks from web-based attacks. In the wake of ongoing and widely publicized computer break-ins, Authentic8 said it is now facing growing demand from complex and highly regulated enterprises. To address these needs, the company has expanded Silo’s configuration capabilities accordingly.

Secure Silo browser admin panel (excerpt): enterprise-grade admin control and delegation for complex and highly regulated organizations (news release illustration)

Silo now allows top-level admins to grant full or partial configuration rights to other members of the admin team, who are assigned specific “roles” for managing the user population.

Example roles that can be assigned include: 

  • “Super user” role, for the administrators who can enable or restrict team admin roles and scopes;
  • Help desk roles, for admins who help users solve basic access and authentication issues;
  • Directory roles, which allow members of the admin team to add, suspend, delete, and move users, or mirror those actions with an on-premise directory system;
  • Regulated user oversight, for admins who monitor user actions and activities that are governed by specific government, industry or transnational regulatory frameworks;
  • Policy manager roles, which allow selected administrators to adjust users’ Silo capabilities, for example based on changing market conditions or corporate policy.

All administrator actions are logged in Silo’s encrypted audit system, which provides a forensic activity history to compliance teams.

“Enterprises that use Silo require fine-grained control over who has permission to do what, in many cases across business units and geographies,” said Ramesh Rajagopal, co-founder and Head of Product at Authentic8.

“Silo’s powerful, yet intuitive admin console allows large organizations to define exactly what users can and cannot do on the web,” Rajagopal said. “Admins now can delegate the administrative responsibility without creating additional vulnerabilities.”

Silo lets users securely access the web without exposing their computer or their network to web-borne exploits. It launches in the cloud, outside the corporate network, and safely renders web content in a secure container. At the end of each session, Silo self-destructs, without leaving any trace on the user’s computer or mobile platform.  

While other products might also offer code isolation, the largest enterprises need more, Authentic8’s co-founder pointed out.

Silo’s core configuration capabilities make it the most secure browser available for large enterprises,” said Ramesh Rajagopal. ”This functionality represents the backbone of our patent portfolio.”

About Authentic8

Founded in 2010 by principals from Postini, Authentic8 is redefining how the browser is used to access web data. Its flagship product, Silo, is a cloud-based secure browser. Silo creates a perfect insulation layer between the user and the web, keeping all web code isolated in a contained environment but delivering an encrypted display of the browser session.  Silo also helps manage login credentials, access controls and data use policies. The Silo browser is built fresh at session start, and destroyed at session end, ensuring that users remain secure, compliant, and anonymous online. Try Silo risk free at