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What were the biggest data breaches in 2016? How did federal agencies’ cybersecurity hold up last year, compared to 2015, with its disastrous OPM hack? Did ransomware live up to, or even beat, the dire predictions? Which industries got hacked most, and why?

We’ve pulled together summary posts and publications worth returning to, as a quick reference to consult when needed in the year ahead.

10 Biggest Security Stories of 2016

Data breaches, vulnerabilities, exploits and malware that made headlines in 2016.

Source: IT Security News

ABA Tech Report 2016: Security

What the American Bar Association’s 2016 Legal Technology Survey Report reveals about data security in the nation’s law firms, summarized by David G. Riess, attorney at Clark Hill PLC.

Source: ABA Tech Report

Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

Details about 2,260 data breaches (in 2015). The report documented that in most attacks, stolen or guessed credentials of legitimate users were used to gain unauthorized access. What drove this trend? We concluded: to a high degree, it was large scale credential management fail.

Source: Verizon

2016 Ransomware Response Study

How prepared were organizations for a ransomware attack in 2016? Not so well, this survey found. The biggest vulnerability? Their own employees.

Source: Trend Micro / iSMG

Sinkhole IT Security: Illustration for 2016 Revisited blog post shows a deep sinkhole

Image source: NCDOTcommunications on Flickr / Authentic8


Largest Healthcare Data Breaches of 2016

Looking back on the second worst year, by the number of patient and health plan members’ records that were exposed in data breaches.

Source: HIPAA Journal

Analysis: 2016 Health Data Breaches, and What's Ahead

Criminal hackers were behind a majority of health data breaches for the second year in a row. Expect worse to come.

Source: GovInfoSecurity

50 Must-Read Federal IT Blogs 2016

For public sector IT leaders and readers, FedTech listed the best blogs covering the federal technology business.

Source: FedTech

5 Vendor Risk Reports Every IT Leader Should Have Read in 2016

Reviews: 5 vendor risk resources every IT security leader should read. How to assess, manage third-party cyber security risks? Which resources are most helpful?

Source: Authentic8 Blog

2016 Trends in Cybersecurity [PDF]

With this eBook, Microsoft provides a quick guide to important security insights gathered from 2015/2016 data.

Source: Microsoft

2016: The Year of Preventable Hacks

2016 was a record year for data breaches. Many could have been easily prevented, according to this blog post. We agree.

Source: UpGuard

The ICIT Ransomware Report 2016

“2016 Will Be the Year Ransomware Holds America Hostage,” the authors of this report predicted. Correctly, it turns out. See also: Ransomware in 2020: Still a Threat? on this blog.

Source: ICIT